Healing Hands - Amazing Ministry out of Knoxville Spans Several Continents

Published: 23rd February 2008
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The ministries of Dr. Pete Sulack are called Matthew 10 Ministries they are not limited to Dr. Pete's office or Knoxville Tennessee but span several continents and could be deemed one of the brightest lights to shine in the nation of India in this generation.

In the tenth chapter of Matthews gospel the twelve apostles are sent forth to preach and teach in the surrounding towns. They are told to preach, heal, cast out devils and if necessary raise the dead. That is exactly what they did. After hearing the call Dr. Pete Sulack decided to do exactly the same thing. He and his team have been to Africa, eastern and Middle Eastern nations as well as South America.

In a phone interview with Dr. Pete he paused to ask me if he could pray first before answering any of my questions. His prayer was powerful and thought provoking. Mostly it was a personal appeal for God's guidance spoken by a man who is only speaking upward and not horizontally. Dr. Pete was speaking to God alone and I could tell that he had "been with Jesus" (Acts 4:13)

Answering a call from God Dr. Pete and his family migrated to the Knoxville area when as yet he was a very young man and has been offering chiropractic services in the area for six years. Before ever opening the doors to his office he knocked on 11,000 doors in Knoxville and raised a few calls to the police. In fact said Dr. Pete, "Because people didn't know what to think I was pulled over by 14 police officers and a few FBI agents during that time." In short time, however, the police became aware of who he was and in some cases helped him.

When the doors to the chiropractic clinic did open it grew with astonishing speed. In the first year over one thousand people each week came to the clinic. It broke all records to become the most successful clinic of its kind anywhere in America. Over 75 people drive distances of better than one hour each week for treatment at the clinic.

Taking the "pro Active" approach Dr. Pete says that all his patients know that the clinic tries to address the cause of each disease, injury or malady to be able to treat it more effectively. Some of the better hospitals and clinics have come onboard with this kind of outlook and it is fast becoming the most comprehensive kind of treatment available.

The real shift from simple chiropractic care taken in Dr. Pete's clinic is that they make it well known to all their patients that they believe "God is the healer." How do his patients respond to this? The response constantly borders on the miraculous and often crosses the border when some people are healed from maladies and problems they have endured for years.

Prayer is always offered for the patients and the result is nothing less than spectacular. Dr. Pete says quite a few people with cancer, ms, paralyzed and with feeding tubes, seizures and people who have been given up on by other doctors come into the clinic and they are treated and ministered to.

Many miracles have happened like the man who came into the clinic with an oxygen breathing apparatus and a blood pressure count of 240 over 200. The man and his wife joined in the Doctors prayer and later called to say that the breathing eased up and the blood pressure had dropped to 120 over 90!

Probably one of the most inspiring of all outcomes at the Sulack clinic is when people have walked out of the clinic and sat in their cars and wept. Then they return to the office saying they cannot leave until they have the Jesus that the Doctor has told them about.

Alcoholics, drug abusers, homosexuals, and people with all of this world's vices and problems have come to the clinic. Many go away with an entirely new direction in life. This perhaps is the greatest miracle of all.

God loves new life, not just the kind seen in childbirth but also the kind seen in the "rebirth" of fully grown adults. God's love for new life is best seen in a verse spoken by the apostle Paul and it summarizes why this is so important to God and so needful for mankind.

Paul wrote "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2Cor 5: 17)

This is the first part of a series of articles I am writing to reveal the amazing ministries of Dr. Pete Sulack and the Matthew 10 Ministries. Much, much more has begun from the clinics and it spans several continents. This being the first installment I urge the reader to search online for the Matthew Ten Ministries if you just can't wait.

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